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SOIL Conference Bratislava

The third SOIL conference took place on the 13th October 2017 in Bratislava.
The partner CVEK invited a wide range of stakeholders, as the Ministry of Education representative, the secretary Krajnak. He tool part at the policy panel discussion, together with the Commisioner on Rights of Poeple with disablitity in Slovakia Mrs Zuzana Stavrovska. 

Many initiatives across the school sector like Teach First Slovakia, InkluCity Slovakia, Slovak Teachers Chamber, Down Syndrom Society, Pedagogical Faculty of the Commenius University, the expert board “To da rozum” (that makes sence) attended the conference also.

Students with disabilies and ethnic manorities became space to discuss about their special needs at a school panel.

The SOIL methods were introduced paralelly. Margret Rasfeld lectured about Intiative School on the Move and about Learning Office, Karl Bäck from atempo about digital tools and Gosia Kwiatkowska from RIX/UEL about multimedia advocacy.

The conference was attended by Wilfried Steinert, headmaster of the inclusive school Waldhofschule in Templin. The conference provided a platform to exchange best practices.

Erika Bartosova reported about her self-developed approach to include a non-mother-language speaker into the learning process of a class and also about methods how to deal with and benefit from cultural differencies.

The member of SOIL team Stana Schenck introduced her personal story from a parent point of view how to support a child with disability to become a learner in a regular school system on an equal basis with others.

In following SOIL became a part and a founder member of the Slovak initiative “IncluCoalition” to improve and to foster inclusion in education in Slovakia.

SOIL Conference Bratislava


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