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From Lost Identity (SLOI) to Social Inclusion (SOIL):

SOIL Conference in Bucharest

The SOIL Conference had 100 participants, representatives of the Bucharest School Inspectorate, the Center for Resource and Educational Assistance in Bucharest, ANPCDEFP, the Roma Education Fund NGO, the ACTOR Association, representatives of partner schools (Gymnasium School No. 168, Gymnasium School No. 309, Gymnasium School No. 163, Gymnasium School "St. Trinity", Gymnasium School "Ion Dumitriu", Gymnasium School No. 161), representatives (teachers, school counselors, directors) of the state and private schools in Bucharest.

At the opening of the Conference, Gabriel Vrinceanu, CCD director and Ana Elisabeta Naghi, an associate expert of MEN, presented the participants with the role of CCD-Bucharest in the SOIL project, the ISMB representatives and the CMBRAE director presented the role of the local community in achieving school inclusion. The concept and objectives of the SOIL Project were presented by Mrs. Stana Schenck, SOIL partner, SCHENcK Consulting and Initiative School on the Move - Germany.

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