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Seminar Report London

SOIL Seminar in London 14.-16th June 2018

The University East London, the RIX Research and Media has organized the last SOIL seminar. There were 23 registered participants, a small group came from Italy as the seminar was published open and free accessible. The Italian participants will also implement SOIL methods in their region. This is an added value to SOIL European value. The structure of the seminar was similar to Bratislava. All the experts were sharing the time having block of their input, also providing individual support.

Most of the participants were sceptical how to implement the method “learning office” requiring more system change. But after an intense discussion with SOIL experts from School on the Move it became clear that everybody can start to individualize lessons and provide offer to more than a one homogenous group. In London also two students from School on the Move in Germany took part and could report from a learner point of view how important individualized approach is.


The more than a half of the participants came from educational institutions which connect school education and adult education. This showed one important issue – most of vulnerable learners leave school without being successfully integrated into society, not finding jobs. So there are other institutions overtaking this empty space offering learners a second chance. Through the seminar in London SOIL could connect these two spheres of education.

Besides schools, the participants came from social work background, adult education, working with adult refugees without qualification. Many of them reported to try to fix lacks of primary and secondary school education, which is not functioning for all people. The applicability of all the methods was evaluated in a similar manner as during the previous seminars and led to similar results. The need to get more competences on individual teaching approaches seems to be an important cross scale issue of the education sector.





The results of the seminar are also partly captured on the padlet: https://padlet.com/thomas_troebinger/soil_london





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