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Top online casinos 2021 The rating of swiss casino online is something that we work especially hard and long. The first lines of our white list are occupied only by proven and worthy online casinos. Impeccable reputation and safety - this is what is important to us in the first place. Lists of the top 100 best casinos may differ significantly from each other on different news sites. Sometimes the same casino may occupy the top lines on one site and the bottom lines on another. And this is quite normal. In our online casino ranking we have collected only those online casinos that, in our opinion, meet a high level of safety, reliability and fairness. We will never recommend an institution with bad player reviews and without a license, so here you can choose a good online casino, enjoy playing licensed slots, and withdraw funds if you win. How much time do we spend on this We spend about 20 hours on researching one casino. If the casino has an impressive track record, it can take much more time to study it. This is because we learn absolutely everything about the institutions: analyze forums, make sure the objectivity of complaints, study intermediary sites and reviews. How our rating is useful. It is not uncommon when a player has played roulette in a certain casino, won a certain amount of money, but he was denied payment. You can say that he was simply cheated. We have created a rating of the most popular online casinos, so that this did not happen to you.


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